Hooks & Hook Blocks (Bottom Blocks)Hook blocks are specially designed for industrial cranes (overhead cranes, overhead traveling cranes, gantry cranes) developed and are also suitable for applications outdoors. They have a compact design and more particularly to a low height. Optional hooks bottles with hooks rotating motor, hook safety and hook-rotation are available.


Security & Versions

  • The fracture resistance is in all cases the requirements of standard FEM
  • The load hook hangers (hooks, traverse, mother) correspond to DIN 15411th
  • The lifting hook according to DIN 15401 and 15402 and are made of forged steel, quality StU 355 (class P DIN 15400)
  • Upon request are also alloyed steel 34 Cr Mo 4, 34 Cr Ni Mo 6 and 30 Cr Ni Mo 8 (class S, T, V) available


Hooks & Hook Blocks (Bottom Blocks) Hooks & Hook Blocks (Bottom Blocks) Hooks & Hook Blocks (Bottom Blocks)

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