Security Brakes

Security & Service BrakesInterTech Austria offers different industrial brakes. The brakes consist of:

  • Emergency stops brake or service brakes
  • Safety pins or directly actuated brake calipers
  • Ventilation or operation is electrical, hydraulic, electro - hydraulically or pneumatically




  • Automatic wear adjustment
  • Manual release
  • Outer brake spring
  • Opening switch
  • Limit switch pad wear


Security & Service Brakes Security & Service Brakes Security & Service Brakes


  • Safety brakes according to DIN 15435th brake drum with a diameter 200 - 630 mm, braking torques from 230 to 7200 Nm.
  • Disc brakes with full or internally ventilated discs thickness of 20/30mm and Ø 250 to 1250 mm, braking torques of 200 to 19900 Nm.