Megatron Linear Sensors & Measurement Systems

linear-sensors-measurement-systems-megatron-intertech-austriaLinear potentiometers, magnetical and optical linear transducers and measuring probes

The displacement sensors have an optimal focus on space-saving, robustness and precision. With our linear sensors you can measure mechanical measuring distances up to 4000 mm. A wide selection of mechanical and electrical interfaces allows the best possible constructive and electrical integration into your application.

Megatron covers high demands in protection class, EMC, shock, hydraulic pressure (up to 350 bar), accuracy (up to 1 µm) and measuring dynamics (up to 10 m/s @ max. 100 /s²). Each measuring principle has its own advantages, which wil be determined with you during our consultation.



Linear Sensor Technology

Displacement sensors with five different measuring principles are available for linear displacement measurement:

  • Linear potentiometer with a potentiometric resistance element
  • Magnetostrictive Technology
  • Inductive Technology (LVDT)
  • Hall effect technology
  • Optical measuring probes with optoelectronic sensors

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