Megatron Panel Encoders, Adjustment-Knobs & Joysticks


Joysticks play a central role as input devices in operating concepts at the interface between man and machine. They are used in many industrial applications, such as robotics, cranes, agricultural and forestry machinery, construction machinery, medical technology, as well as for controlling mobile machines and industrial production lines. Due to the often harsh environmental conditions, an industrial joystick must have robust and long life characteristics to minimize failures.

The joysticks offered by Megatron use modern non-contact Hall sensors or high-quality potentiometers. Our industrial joysticks are characterized in particular by high-quality components and construction, which guarantee a long-lasting and reliable function. For this wide range of possible applications and their diverse joystick requirements, Megatron offers matching solutions.

Thumb joysticks for portable devices or panel integration, finger joysticks for sensitive control tasks, hand joysticks for use in the harshest environments and joysticks in ergonomic desktop housings with integrated buttons for additional functions. In this way, we serve a wide range of customer requirements and at the same time respond to individual demands through internal development, production and quality assurance, offering customer-specific solutions. 

Panel Encoders

For manual setpoint setting by hand, there are products available that are specially optimized for this purpose. On the one hand there are the widely used rotary potentiometers. You have the choice between completely pre-assembled sets with adjustment knob or a rotary potentiometer with end stops. On the other hand we have encoders with a wide range of detents and push button switches up to encoders with mechanical end stops in our portfolio.

The high-quality haptic impression and the higher operating torque distinguish a panel encoder from conventional encoders. Panel encoders offer an additional feature, the push button switch, with which a setpoint can be acknowledged. The higher operating torque in particular prevents unintentional adjustment of setpoints and is very often adapted to the respective application. 


Adjustment Knobs with integrated scales or digits

In combination with the potentiometers, the adjustment knobs are ideally suited for precise setpoint setting. So-called analogue adjustment knobs are equipped with a dash scale and digital ones with a digit role. The analogue adjustment knobs with dash scale show the number of full turns in a separate window, the digital adjustment knobs with roller display values from zero to maximum of 9999. Variants with locking mechanism prevent unintentional adjustment of the adjustment knob by vibration or contact.

The correct selection of the knob dimension for operation is of decisive importance. Small knobs allow setpoints to be set faster than larger ones. Larger knobs allow setpoints to be determined more accurately than small ones. For a pleasant haptic impression, it is important to define an appropriate torque for the potentiometer shaft. Please take into account the environmental conditions that could possibly influence the haptic properties.