Cardan Shafts & Tooth Spindles

Cardan Shafts & Tooth Spindles Cardan shafts are used when flexible couplings are no longer sufficient or very high power has to be transmitted. In mechanical and plant engineering, cardan shafts are becoming increasingly important due to the advancing automation. An important design feature of these axle connections are the respective compensating elements - metal bellows/elastomer ring - at the ends of the intermediate tubes of variable length. The elastomer ring made of polyurethane is available in various Shore hardnesses. Depending on the load from the drive, control loop frequencies and imbalance add up in addition to the vibration excitation. Special attention must be paid to the resonant frequency when designing cardan shafts. The vibration load can be influenced and limited by selecting different elastomer hardnesses. Depending on the application, the intermediate tubes are selected from aluminium, steel, stainless steel or carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CfK). 

Cardan Shaft serve

  • for the transmission of torques with unaligned rotary axes
  • for the transmission of torques with parts moving against each other
  • for length compensation 

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