Metal Bellows

metallbalgkupplungen kbkDue to their extremely high torsional rigidity and flexibility metal bellows are widely used in applications where torque must be transmitted absolutely backlash-free and directly up to the highest fields. They also compensate the manufacturing-related positional deviations of input and output shaft axial, lateral and angularer art at very low restoring forces.


Pluggable Metal Bellows

/>Significant time saving during assembly and disassembly processes. InterTech Austria GmbH now offers metal bellows with an axial pluggable and backlash-free connection. Like all our metal bellows also the new models are torsional rigid, fatigue resistant and maintenance-free.


Distance couplings

are used specifically for covering long distances. The distance couplings are available in two basic configurations:with a metal bellow made of stainless steel for highly dynamic drives and special precision requirements or as an elastomer coupling with polyurethane sprockets in various hardnesses for absorbing shocks and vibrations.


Metal Bellows & Distance Couplings   Metal Bellows & Distance Couplings