Rigid Shaft Couplings

metallbalgkupplungen kbkRigid shaft couplings for the permanent connection of two or more aligned shafts are among the standard elements of mechanical engineering.

The friction-locked connections made of burnished steel are cost-effective, safe and secure thanks to side clamping screws quick to assemble and can transmit high torques with a compact design.

KBK Antriebstechnik builds the rigid shaft couplings of the KBST series in 13 sizes for shaft diameters from 6 to 50 mm and torques from 30 to 2,250 Nm. With the KBST-G series, they are also available as a two-shell design. Due to the half-shell design, the coupling can be assembled and disassembled without moving the shafts.

It is available in 14 sizes from 5 to 50 mm shaft diameter for torques from 21 to 2,250 Nm. Of course, all rigid shaft couplings are also available in stainless steel or with keyways on request.