Incremental Encoders

Incremental EncodersEncoders used in automation are an important link between the mechanics and the control devices. Encoders are used to record angle, position, velocity and acceleration and can also detect linear movements with the help of spindles, gear racks, measuring wheels or cables. The task of encoders is to implement the actual value of mechanical quantities into electrical signals, which can be evaluated for counters, tachometers, programmable logic controllers and industrial PCs.

Picture: Welding robot for position determination, produced by InterTech-Austria;

Production of ENCODERS according to customer-specific requirements

After our long-time and reliable partner LTN Servotechnik GmbH in Otterfing discontinued the in-house production of incremental encoders, we were approached by several well-known customers for replacement deliveries and special solutions.

A large number of the encoders which we supplied at that time had very customer-specific features:

    • Inch dimensions of the connecting dimensions (shafts, threads, pitch circles, centering diameter)
    • Design of special torque supports of all kinds
    • All kinds of special plugs and cables
    • Special line numbers (e.g. 2164 lines for a specific gearbox)
    • Robust tandem design with different line number combinations
    • Indication of the zero pulse by an LED on the encoder - visible from the outside
    • Additional tracks for extended zero pulses
    • Additional tracks for a different number of lines (including the three channels A, B and Ref.)
    • Special shafts (e.g. with external thread for shaft ends according to DIN 332 form DS)
    • Combinations with slip rings
    • Combinations with resolvers for safety-related applications
    Inkrementale Drehgeber (Encoder)    Inkrementale Drehgeber (Encoder)    Inkrementale Drehgeber (Encoder)
         Inkrementale Drehgeber (Encoder)     

   You can download the encoder data sheets here!


 MB-AG7-SSLD-5000-521-24XX          MB-AG7-SSLD-5000-124-24XX


MB-AG7-SSLD-5000-121-24XX           MB-AG7-SSLD-5000-111-24XX


MB-AG7-SSLD-5000-111-05XX           MB-AG7-SSLD-4096-121-05BX


MB-AG7-SSLD-2000-111-24XX          390001 MB-AG3-SCLD-1024-147-05XX


MB-AG7-SSKS-2000-111-24XX         MB-AG7-SSHL-2000-121-24XX


MB-AG7-SCLD-XXXX-111-05XA         MB-AG7-HSLD-0900-551-05XX


MB-AG5-SSLD-1500-520-05XX         MB-AG3WULD-0N1-05CX


 MB-AG3WULD-0N1-05CX          390004 MB-AG7-SSKS-1000-121-24XX 


MB-AG7-SSTL-0250-111-05XX           MB-AG7-SSLD-0050-111-24XX