Owner & Manager

Fritz Walcher InterTech Austria Wiener NeudorfWiener Neudorf 2012 - InterTech Austria celebrates its 15th anniversary and presented on 06/28/2012 at a “Get Together “ party the new owner and CEO Fritz Walcher. In March 2012 Fritz Walcher has acquired the Austrian company.

Meanwhile he could expand the range of InterTech Austria, attract new customers and ensure a new employee a interesting workplace. Fritz Walcher has recourse on more than 25 years experience in business management and sales experience in leading positions in production and manufacturing.

He knows the market for machines and drive systems, not least from his time as the CEO at KHS Recoma and in his function as the technical director of Pepsi Cola International.

Fritz Walcher is started with the goal, even in tough economic times, the business of InterTech Austria continually expand "Together with our employees, we will develop strategies to operate successfully in new markets." InterTech is the example of Austria, how successful business succession can be done in practice.