Custom Specific Solutions

specific designsbackstop

Stieber realizes customer specific designs from minor modifications of a standard product up to tailor-made solutions in batch size one. Tailor-made solutions can be realized in a wide range of applications and can be more than a freewheel.

Application: Pump drive

Stainless steel backstop:
The pump drive backstop is operating under water and prevents the pump from running backwards when the motor is turned off.

Application: Winch (Retrofit)

Torque limiter: If storm with significant wave height occurs there is the danger overloading the anchor chain and the winch gear. The torque limiter has to cut the peak loads.

Application: Inclined conveyor (Retrofit)

Customized torque limiting Backstop: After a power increase of the drive the original installed backstop failed several times due to overload. This retrofitted backstop with special torque arm arrangement cuts the peak loads and allows a controlled rotation backwards with the hydraulic release functionality.