Clutches, Brakes

We offer suitable brakes or switchable clutches for all applications - mechanically, hydraulically, pneumatically or electromagnetically.

  • Single disk clutches & brakes
  • Clutches & brakes 
  • Multi-disc clutches & brakes

Clutches & Brakes Clutches & Brakes Clutches & Brakes Clutches & Brakes

Clutches & Brakes Clutches & Brakes Clutches & Brakes Clutches & Brakes



  • Hydraulic or air actuated clutches
  • Spring applied brakes 
  • Electromagnetic clutches & brakes


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Multi-disk clutches

with their diversity in design, technical design and various designs are universally suitable for drive solutions. The program includes maintenance-free clutches and couplings for switching cycles, control and feed ratemovements. The discs are made of heat-treated steel in the case of oil running, for dry running with sintering or coating according to the requirements. Accessories: Protective resistors, protection varistors.

Multi-disc brakes

Brakes of this series have a bobbin for fixed installation. For versions with inner drive a containment according to the protection class is possible. For the use as safety brakes spring-actuated versions are of importance to protect against a failure of the power supply and because of their extremely short runtimes. . Facilities for ventilating of hand position indicators expand the application area. Accessories: Series resistors for voltage switching, surge protection unit for short run times.

Clutches & brakes 

In existing pressure medium supplies the application of hydraulic-pneumatic units are recommended because of the achievable high shifting forces, short response times and robust operating characteristics. This characteristic allows the use in heavy-duty drives, pressing and lifting, were the safety requirements are met. Accessories: seals, rotors for shaft connection, standard elements for pressure circuit pressure control and pressure feed.

Single disc clutches and brake

Single disc clutches allow economic drive solutions in mechanical engineering. Their application ranges from the drive circuit of installations with non-uniform charges to the precise control of operating cycles at a high switching frequency. Accessories: Protective resistors, series resistors, power supply equipment for all modes, switching facilities for short switching times.