StieberInterTech Austria is the general representation of Stieber - the European market leader - in Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegr , Russia, Ukraine etc.



KBK Coupling SystemsKBK Coupling Systems offers a wide range of technical quality products at fair prices . Short delivery times are as natural as maintaining high quality management standards.



StromagStromag - Altra is a leading global designer and manufacturer of a wide range of motion control and power transmission solutions. Mature components and systems that provide significant control over the speed, torque, positioning, and other features of the equipment. 



LTNLTN develops and produces electrical slip ring assemblies , solenoids , precision drive systems for linear or angular movements, encoders, resolvers, magnetic and contactless sensors for position detection, joysticks as control , and wrap spring clutches and friction hinges for constant torque.



gefeg-neckarCustomized drive systems - solutions for drive tasks for many industries, such as medical technology, fluid technology, home automation, printing, environmental and energy engineering as well as mechanical engineering.



Megatron.MEGATRON, a family-held company located in Munich for over 50 years, offers mechatronic components and sensors by the slogan “Precision for your Design”. MEGATRON's product range includes a wide choice of Angle Sensors, Linear Sensors, Load Cells, Joysticks und Precision Resistors. Over the years, driven by several thousands of customer projects, the depth and breadth of the product line has been continously expanded, so that MEGATRON has been market leader for many years.



SIAG Industry Co.From the beginning of our supply chain we strive to integrate the concepts of "quality monitoring" and "full traceability" of our manufacturing processes throughout our organization. According to the EN 9100 quality standards, SENSY has been qualified by the QUALIFAS / ASD-EASE organization in order to meet the requirements of the aerospace industry and to ensure the highest quality to our customers.



Gosan35 years of research, development and innovation ensure experience and expertise . Gozan stands for reliability and safety in mechanical components such as hoists for the transport and storage , such as Bottles and couplings .